2534 - Over The Hills And Far Away II

This is where Mario lives. Well, not exactly among the olive trees, but the terraced hills around his house are one big garden made up of olive trees. It’s a pretty delightful and peaceful place. I guess we can easily agree on that 😄

By the way, the Image of the Day makes for a pretty nice desktop wallpaper. I currently have it on two of my computers, and I can confirm that it works wonders on my mood 🙂

As always you can download the full size from Flickr.

The Song of the Day is “Over The Hills And Far Away” from the 1973 Led Zeppelin album “Houses Of The Holy”. Hear it on YouTube.

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Roland   (2013-09-25)

Truly a place where I would love to lie down and look right through the branches into the sky, smell the earth, enjoy the sun and the wind... Lovely!

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andreas   (2013-09-25)

Right and, if you think of it, it's not THAT far away 🙂

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