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Cedric Canard   (2013-09-30)

I do like this image. I kept it on a tab of my browser for a long time when I first saw it on Flickr and would just look at it every now and then. There's a lot to like in it. It has me wondering what kind of rooms might be behind the curtains. If this is a private residence, it would be odd to have your windows right there, at street level, next to a tram stop. You'd never be able to open your curtains πŸ™‚

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andreas   (2013-10-01)

Yes, people have lived behind such windows. Here in Vienna it is a typical janitor's dwelling street-facing on ground floor. Of course there are almost no janitors any more and most of these one- or two-room apartments are empty now. Sad places, really, then and now.

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