2631 - Let There Be More Light

You know, I live in a wonderful place, but at this time of the year Carinthia is always plagued by fog. Fortunately it helps to just drive up a mountain, and fortunately the next mountain, Mount Dobratsch, is very near. It takes me half an hour by car to get up to the highest parking area at more than 1700 meters. That always brings me out of the fog. In the worst case it ends at 1500 meters, this time 800 were already enough.

This image has been taken two thirds up and I was surprised to see no snow at that height, but simply to see that bright sun lit up my mood. I also got snow later, but that’s for the next post 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Let There Be More Light” from the 1968 Pink Floyd album “A Saucerful Of Secrets”. I guess I may have used this title a few times before, but I am too lazy now to look up the exact number. Hear it on YouTube.

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Franz   (2013-12-30)

The picture let's me smile! Wonderful region.

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andreas   (2013-12-30)

Yeah, it's a fine place and the best thing is how near it is. 20 years ago this mountain was exploited as a skiing resort, but then it was turned into a protected region. You can still go skiing there, but the lifts have been closed down and you have to first climb up the hill before you race it down. Guess what: considerably less people do that 🙂

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julie   (2013-12-31)

This is just one of those unhelpful 'wow, great shot' comments. Mist and sunshine in a forest, what a combo!

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andreas   (2014-01-03)

No, actually it's helpful. It helps me feel happy 🙂

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