2781 - Jump Down, Spin Around

, 12 mm on Micro Four Thirds give you an equivalent focal length of 24 mm. That’s wide but not ultra-wide, but along with the increased apparent DOF the effect can sometimes be startling.

Here I have taken a shot down a staircase. The top floor got daylight, the lower floors were lit artificially. When I was there, the difference in color temperatures was not so obvious and I may be guilty of having over-emphasized it, but to my eyes the effect is fairly cool.

If you look at it, the image is not entirely symmetric. I have tried to “fix” that in Photoshop using “Edit / Transform / Skew” and quickly found out that it’s not possible. You can’t get all the angles and symmetries right and still have straight lines. And even if that were possible, my nearest approximation looked much worse than the original. It was unbalanced because of an uneven distribution of light. And it’s not only luminosity, it is also that cool and warm colors have different apparent weight. Balancing this image is extremely tricky, and in the end I found out that my original shot was pretty much the best I could get 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Jump Down, Spin Around” by the great Harry Belafonte. Hear it on YouTube.

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April Siegfried   (2014-05-29)

Dizzying! I love the way I'm pulled back and forth to see in 2 dimensions and in 3.

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