2910 - In The Still Of The Night IV

When I arrive in Vienna, I first change to a local railway train and later to the Underground. At that time, after midnight, the interval of the Underground is ten minutes and the coordination between railway and Underground is absolutely perfect. I always and unfailingly just miss the Underground 🙂

Well, on the other hand, I love it how empty the stations are at that time, and ten minutes are always enough to find some fresh view.

The Song of the Day is “In The Still Of The Night” by The Four Tops. Hear it on YouTube.

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Ted Byrne   (2014-10-08)

Here in the US we tolerate layers of public utility grunge that Europeans are apparently willing to pay tons of taxes to wipe away. Just returning from Amsterdam, once again I realize how, um, anal (I mean that lovingly) you folks are about gleam. Of course I like it, but I also like keeping a bigger chunk of my earnings as "take home" so in the trade off of life, gimme roads that work, cheap gas, and let me buy my gleam in a package of elegant automobile tricked up with surround sound, leather, and all weather comfort 🙂 That way I don't have to see/feel the utility grunge that's layered onto subways, street cars, and RR stations. It's one of those "ugly American" things, huh? 🙂 BTW, I've lost your email...

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