3075 - Complicated Shadows III

Usually I have my camera with me, but the first time I recognized the complicated pattern of shadows on this multi-layered fence, I didn’t. Thankfully the weather situation was consistent and I found the exact same light next day. Lesson: don’t leave home without a camera. You might be as lucky as I was, but be warned, regret is the rule, not the exception 🙂

The Song of the Day is one more time “Complicated Shadows” by Elvis Costello & the Attractions. Hear it on YouTube.

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Cedric Canard   (2015-03-21)

Well spotted Andreas. Makes me wonder if I would have spotted those shadows. I'm glad you got lucky on the second day.

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andreas   (2015-03-21)

Habits 😄

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Feri   (2015-03-21)


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April Siegfried   (2015-03-23)

Oh, how lucky you were! Great advice. Love the intricacy of this pattern, and especially that little cross-wire as a landing pad.

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andreas   (2015-03-24)

And it's a morning thing. An hour later and the magic of the shadows is gone.

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