3328 - Natur ICE

Why do these old cities touch me? What feelings do they evoke? Trying to write a few meaningful lines made me think, and the more I thought and the more I looked at this image, the more I got interested in the place. Because that’s what it is: a distinct place. Yes, you’ve got azulejos everywhere in Lisbon, but this is an individual place that you can imagine individual stories of individual people for.

Look at those high door frames, encompassing the first floor. Well, judging from the low windows and the lack of balconies, this “first floor” would have been a part of the building reserved for servants. The owners would have had the floor above, with balconies and high windows.

And then the many doors in what clearly is one building. What was their purpose? Why did they need so many doors? Are there narrow internal compartments? Do we really see four narrow houses with one common facade? Not likely, is it? So, again, why all those doors?

You can’t dream like this of modern architecture. It’s utilitarian, its purpose is clear, and even when it’s good, it rarely speaks of mystery.

I love old places 🙂