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Richard   (2017-02-21)

Yeah, I can see it. Loved the Fantastic 4 comics when I was young but hated what Hollywood did to them. Don't see how they can make great Avengers and X Men movies and mess up the F4 not once but twice. Oh well...

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andreas   (2017-02-21)

Superheros. I used to like them as a child, but I really don't understand their fascination any more. Some are more acceptable (Batman for instance, maybe Spiderman, maybe even Superman), and others like Captain America are obscene from my non-American point of view. Some are just absurd, like Thor. A nordic God as a superhero? C'mon! I think superheros are mainly an American phenomenon and their presence all over the world is a sign of cultural invasion and domination by an empire. But then: what is the fascination of superheros for Americans? I don't get it. I see them as a kind of projection of problems in the real world, in the sense that all the bad things are caused by super villains and that some superheros are going to fix them. World events as a visitor sport, if you know what I mean. Only it's so wrong. Bad things are caused by normal people, and in order to prevent them, constant effort is necessary - put in also by normal people. Our problems are not caused by super-criminals, they are caused by bad politics and everyday corruption. They are not fixed by superheros, they are fixed (if at all) by good politics. In my opinion, superheros just blur the view on what's really happening, and they teach us to stay passive and let "The Authorities" do what's needed. And there we are so often back to corruption 🙂

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