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Is it all that bad? The recently passed Hans Rosling and his son Ola don’t think so. In fact, whenever the state of the world gets me depressed, I like to watch one of their TED talks.

Change takes time. Things are getting better, but they do so slowly. We as human beings on the other hand are not very good at perceiving slow change at all.

So, it’s not all that bad, right? It just takes time, right? Unfortunately it’s not that simple either. Change can go both directions. We can spend money on development and education, or we can pump it into a never-ending War on Drugs (or on Terror). Change is slow. This makes it hard to predict the consequences of, for instance, a Trump presidency. Consequences there’ll be though, that’s for sure. So, whatever consolation we get out of the Rosling’s message, it does not take away our duty to constantly try to give our best to improve this planet. Only then will statistics continue being on our side.

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Juha Haataja   (2017-07-19)

You are right, change is slow. What is problematic are politicians and their masters/minions who promise quick fixes to help themselves into power/money/influence etc. If the people don't know even basic facts about societal issues, they are easily lead astray, and worse.

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andreas   (2017-07-21)

Unfortunately the increasing complexity of science does not help. I mean, convincing someone that gravity is predictable takes some easy calculations, a clock and a few apples. Try that with quantum computing! Honestly: I don't know a thing about it 🙂

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Juha Haataja   (2017-07-22)

Indeed. Health is one of the areas where simple answers often are not enough. One does find a lot of information on the net, but when decisions about health care are needed, it is often quite difficult to see what is the best way forward.

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andreas   (2017-07-23)

Yup! Search for something health-related and you are in for some really, really scary experiences. Of course all those stories can actually be true, but you won't know how to put them in relation to the cases when everything turns out just fine - and that nobody cares to write about 🙂

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Michael Berger   (2017-07-26)

Great Photo and Link!!

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andreas   (2017-07-26)

Danke sehr 🙂

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