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Wolfgang Lonien   (2017-11-09)

Cool lens. Would love to try it since I see what I can do with my OM Zuiko 135mm/2.8 (which costs about 10% of this newer zoom, and which I've got out of nostalgia - had such a lens for my Canon A1 when I was much younger than now).

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andreas   (2017-11-12)

The main problem is, it's heavy. In mid-summer I've given in to the temptation and bought the 12-100/4 as well. Less reach, less bokeh, much less size and weight. No, when I use the E-M1 II, I often do it with the 7-14/2.8 and 12-100/4 combo. ymmv

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Wolfgang Lonien   (2017-11-12)

I see. That sounds like a powerful combo. I still only have the E-M10 (1st gen), and I mostly use the 14, 25, and 45mm primes with it - so nice and small. But I also love my older ZD 50/2 Macro (with MMF-2 adapter), which I guess is about the weight of a 12-40mm/2.8 zoom or thereabouts. As "long" lenses, we only have the 40-150mm/4-5.6, also with adapter so they're a bit slow on the non-phase-detect cameras.

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