4040 - So Many Stories Told

This was the my first time in Brixen / Bressanone. I’m 53. I may visit the town once more in my life, but I’m not sure. It’s not because I didn’t like what I saw (much to the contrary!), it’s because the world is too big and too beautiful.

The cloister is full of beautiful imagery. Stories over stories. I’ve taken a few pictures, and the framing was more determined by my compositional style than by anything content-related. It’s sad in a way: I most likely won’t ever see more of those stories than I do now, when I look at my images. It’s also true that I did not concentrate on seeing while I was there. I concentrated on framing.

But then: I’ve been in places where I didn’t take images, places where I did concentrate on seeing, and now all is lost, all is gone from my memory. These images at least will remain.

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Wolfgang Lonien   (2017-11-11)

It's your birthday today? If so, then happy birthday! And I'm more than 7 years older...

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andreas   (2017-11-12)

No, not my birthday, but thanks anyway 🙂 I just mentioned my age, because given how much I've done so far, I can estimate what's still possible. And doing so, I found that whatever I'm going to see in the future, it will likely be the last time.

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