4247 - Inside Saint Laurence Church IV

Back to the blog. What are my options?

I could just leave everything as it is. Never touch a running system, right?

Forget about it. Decades of experience (does that sound impressive?) tell me, that from where I am now, it can only go downward. What still works will break. This may come with the next patch, with the next major update (and Wordpress 5 will be a big one!), or maybe it is still a year or two ahead. I don’t know, so I must assume it will happen rather sooner than later.

I could backup everything and reinstall Wordpress.

Maybe. It might work if the problem is in one of the files. It might not work at all if the problem is in the database. Of course I could try and it wouldn’t be that costly. A few hours at most. That would be the sensible way to go. It’s only that I am reluctant to do so, because I have grown slightly tired of Wordpress - for actually no good reason. It’s just that I’d like to try something new.