4255 – Inside Saint Laurence Church XII

And that’s only half of it. The other half is what they call Headless CMS.

For someone like me, editing Markdown files in a Git repository using a text editor is very convenient. Actually it’s what I’m after.

It’s different as soon as multiple people work together. It’s also different if the contributors are not used to my kind of tools. Editing Markdown may be actually simpler than using a Word-like interface, but for many people this won’t be true. Here’s where the CMS, the content management system, comes in.

And “headless”? Well, that means you’ve got a system where you edit texts, where those texts are (behind your back) stored as Markdown input for a static site generator, but the system has no presentation layer - no “head”. You use any kind of static generator to generate any kind of presentation - or more than one. The CMS does not determine the presentation (the “head”), like it would do in traditional CMS systems like WordPress.