4315 - Roman Stoicism

When you’re not an expert, taking photos in a museum exposes you as the complete dumb-wit that you are. You invariably take pictures of the irrelevant, marvel at the copies and ignore the true treasures. Any why not?

It’s OK. You can be an expert at one thing, even at a few things maybe, but you can’t be an expert at everything. Even if, for instance, you are “interested in Art”.

Art … You like Warhol? Instantly recognize every Picasso (as long as it’s a Cubist one)? You confuse Manet and Monet though and you are not able to tell a Titian from a Tintoretto?

Alles gut. Nobody can know everything. We can only learn - and it’s great fun to do so 😃

By the way: this is a Roman copy of a Greek original. At least that’s what I remember.