4337 - Looking Down

I’m tired. I’ve worked for 13 or 14 hours, but I think it’s all in place now. I can finally switch from WordPress to my new blog.

This will involve some administrative work, and during the switch I expect service disruptions for between a few minutes and a few hours. I really don’t know.


  • If you try to read my blog through the web site and it does not work, just try it again the next day.
  • If you try to read my blog via a feed reader and it does not work, again, try it a day later. If it still does not work, go to http://manessinger.com. In case all else fails, I’ll publish instructions there on how to get the feed working again.

But then:

  • Everything’s going to be well. Don’t worry. This is just for the odd case that I’m wrong 😃