4338 - Looking Up

I’m going to make the switch from WordPress to my new blog today. This means, that https://manessinger.com will point to the new blog. The propagation of this DNS change will take some time. Normally it’s pretty fast, but it may take an hour or longer, until it has reached the far shores of the Internet.

At some time (hint: I’ll do it as soon as I personally see the new blog under that address), I will change the RSS feed source at feedburner.com. From that on, feedburner will point feed readers to the new address. Anyone who already gets the new feed, but still sees the old IP address, will see an error until things have settled.


  • If you try to read my blog through the web site and it does not work, just try it again the next day.
  • If you try to read my blog via a feed reader and it does not work, again, try it a day later. If it still does not work, go to http://manessinger.com. In case all else fails, I’ll publish instructions there on how to get the feed working again.

But then:

  • Everything’s going to be well. Don’t worry. This is just for the odd case that I’m wrong 😃

A while later:

OK. it’s live and I have no idea how many readers I’ve lost. Fact is, the blog is available under https://manessinger.com/, as well as under https://www.manessinger.com, as well as under https://blog.andreas-manessinger.info/.

The old blog is gone. Not all is well though. All links in the blog point to https://blog.andreas-manessinger.info/ instead of https://manessinger.com/. The same is true for the RSS feed. I can live with that, but it means that I either find a way to fix it, or the domain blog.andreas-manessinger.info must forever be tied to manessinger.com. No problem, more a matter of aesthetics 😃

In the meantime I’ve had a few glitches, but nothing worse than I’ve expected and announced.