4354 - Sunset on the Walls

Final actions are always a little scary, because they are, well, final, I guess 😛

My account at JustHost will expire in two days. I’ve just deleted the credit card information from the account and, what’s more final, I’ve executed rm -rf ./* in my home directory. There is nothing left to be looked up, there is no WordPress instance any more.

I’ve done a few things more though:

  • On this site I’ve created redirects from /feed and from /feeds/posts/default to http://feeds.feedburner.com/photography-andreas-manessinger, my feedburner URL. The first is the default feed URL of WordPress installations, the second one is that of Blogger. Remember that I suspect I’ve lost subscribers? If all goes well, I should see some of them again soon.

  • Finally I’ve created a wildcard email forward for manessinger.com. Every email that addresses any user name at manessinger.com will be forwarded to my Gmail account. I’ve had that for the domain andreas-manessinger.info for the last decade, but at JustHost I didn’t have the option for wildcard forwarding. I had one single email address registered for manessinger.com, but since the switch to the new domain registrar, that email address had been unavailable. That was a stupid mistake, because some people still might use the address.

It looks like these were the final steps in my switch away from WordPress to a serverless infrastructure, but of course you never know 😃