4499 - Klagenfurt II

I can’t say I particularly care about Klagenfurt. The world of my childhood is long gone. When I go there, I do it because I have business there. Since the death of my father, my mother lives in Klagenfurt, alone in a big spooky house. I’ve asked her to come to Villach, but she simply can’t imagine leaving the house where she was born. Well, so once a week I drive down from Villach, buy what she needs, we talk half an hour and I drive back.

No sentimentality towards Klagenfurt. A place where I have spent the first years of my life, but neither the biggest part nor the most happy days. It’s just a place.

How do you feel about your home town or whatever place you come from?

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Earl Moore   (2019-02-13)

My feelings toward my hometown is much the same as yours, Andreas. Both my parents have passed on.

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