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Ted Byrne   (2019-03-07)

You know those images which have two distinct meanings but need to be studied before a second appears. Like the twin faces which suddenly pop into an urn, an urn which you cannot ever again not see? Well that happened to me with this image. Until I read your explanation, what I saw was a recently uncovered Roman floor mosaic. The POP! now I cannot unsee the construction hardware. The thing about these deal images things is that both - unrelated - world’s exist simultaneously. Which led me to wondering how the interpretation of art by a myriad of visitors is just like those dual meaning urn-images. Regardless of an artist’s intent… it is the interpretation of the viewer that matters - to that viewer. What is it that artists like you (and me) are creating? Story arcs beyond… beyond our own imaginations? Hmmm…. thanks for this image and now I gotta go off and think on what artistic meaning is… if it that term isn’t a puzzling oxymoron at base? Oh, btw, I totally like this entire series of found texture.

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Andreas   (2019-03-19)

Actually I myself wondered, when I saw it again :)

Yes, interpretation is completely out of control. That’s fine with art. Once it happens with science and what we used to naively call “reality” … less so :D

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