4619 - And Behind: The Forest

Austria has vast areas of forests in public property. This is a result of the disappropriation of the Imperial family after World War I. It’s about 10% of of Austria’s total area. Everything is publicly accessible, despite constant attempts of so-called “conservative” forces to change the status quo.

I think it’s easy to think of that as maximization of freedom for a vast majority of people. After all why should a single family own 10% of a country?

On the other hand: why should a single company own Social Media? Why should a single company own Internet Search? Why should a single company own online commerce?

Sure, I buy from Amazon and they are the company with the best customer service, the most complete offering, the strongest intent to innovate in a way that can actually be experienced by customers and not only by shareholders. At the same time they are a steam roller that will kill all in its way. In the end? All for Bezos, cheap jobs if any for everybody else.

As much as Jeff Bezos deserves his success (and I don’t envy him), such a future can’t be the future of humanity. The system will break and there will be blood. It’s just too skewed, just too rigged. That’s the kind of system, that goes down in a revolution.