5127 - View from Castel San Pietro II

It’s funny how people get obsessed with computing fashions. One of them is dark mode. I’m not sure where this fad originated. Was it Apple, as so often? Was it the developer community?

Nevertheless, meanwhile all operating systems have more or less good dark mode support. None of them is perfect, not even Apple’s MacOS, maybe not even iOS, but for lack of an iPhone or iPad I can’t tell.

I’ve tried it. It looks good. I’ve set every program on my Mac to use “System mode”, I’ve manually changed everything that could be changed but didn’t follow system mode, I’ve even set colors manually where they wouldn’t fit.

The result looked slick.

Just as it’s supposed to do.

And then we got an expensive, big marquee for our terrace in Villach. I could sit in the shade, I could work outside, except that I couldn’t. Dark mode is fine for working at night. It makes you feel like Batman, and that’s certainly a cool feeling. During daylight and outdoors? Forget it.

I would probably try switching automatically, depending on time of day, but as I said, not even on the Mac all programs play by the rules. Until then, I’m back to wonderfully uncomplicated black and white.