5141 - Chiesa di Santa Anastasia VII

Isn’t it gorgeous what you can do with an ultrawide? Sure, it’s always borderline surreal, but surrealism has always tried to show the skewed reality of dreams, and honestly, who wouldn’t want to live in a dream world?

Other than that, Macbook Pro (mid 2014) here, and I’ve made the jump to MacOS 11 “Big Sur”, the likely last major release it’ll get. It works. Still made backups beforehand, and I wouldn’t recommend doing otherwise.

Adobe and DxO are fine and on the software development side, everything works for me. That’s all I care.

Does that mean you’re safe and can upgrade as well? Not really, but it’s another data point for the hesitant 😃

What did they do? They’ve changed their hardware kernel driver interface. It’s a problem for many people using non-standard external devices. It hits mostly musicians, but they are used to problems with every upgrade. Wacom says they’re OK, but I have no idea whether no-name tablets work or not.

The UI changes are not spectacularly dramatic, and if you discard the candy-colored standard wallpaper (like I did for the time-cycling Big Sur landscape), what you get is a pleasant improvement, a successful, modern design, that will again inspire Linux distributions.