5335 - Laxenburg XXV

Still Laxenburg, two years ago.

Today I made my first day trip to Italy since September. I already have a full vaccination, but Italy currently requires tests. No problem, I got a test yesterday. Then I had to fill out a form and print it, fill out another form online, and that was it.

Entrance to Italy was as always. Just driving across the border at 100 kilometers per hour. Nobody in Italy asked for anything, no checks, no nothing.

As I’ve already noticed in September, people are extremely responsible with masks, and in Italy you wear them outside as well. Restaurants are open outside. It was an extremely clear and sunny day, and I enjoyed eating in Grado while seeing across the sea the italian city of Trieste, and directly to the south, the northern shore of Istria, the peninsula shared by Slovenia and Croatia. I could never see any of them from Grado. It was a surreal feeling of being on a lake shore, more like Lake Garda than the Adriatic Sea.

When entering Austria, we were checked for passport and health status. Proof of vaccination or recent negative test are enough. No forms.