6 - Don't Comment on This

Isn’t this great what businessmen have made of the Internet? Just yesterday I had enabled unrestricted comments for everyone, and today I had my first comment - SPAM! Something with a “job offer”. I don’t know how silly they think we are. Fascinating. Only 13 years ago I had my UNIX workstation right on the Internet. I could telnet into my machine from everywhere. Oh how I fumed when they introduced our corporate firewall! Unthinkable now, isn’t it? And all in the name of commerce. They hack your computers to install robots that spill out SPAM advertising nobody wants to see. I often wonder what these people think, yes, if they even think at all? Didn’t their mothers teach them to behave? Would they kill for money?

Sorry. This is supposed to be about photography, isn’t it? Well, I got two or three today that could be worth it, but I still cowardly take resort to one from Tuesday. This is in a park on my way from work. The sun is already quite low and I had taken a series of shots into the sunlit grass, mostly with partially defocused flowers as foreground. I like the effect and use it quite often lately, because using the right flowers you can give tremendous color to otherwise rather drab photos. This certain image made it for all its elegant lines.