My name is Andreas Manessinger and this is my blog. It’s a photo blog, and that means, every post has a photo. Well, apart from those rare administrative posts that have none. Posts with photos have a number in their title, counting upwards.

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This is not only a photo blog, it’s a daily photo blog as well, meaning that I post a photo per day. In fact I post at least a photo per day, but only one of them is the Image of the Day. “Daily” is a relative term though. For the first several years it did not mean “strictly every day”, rather it meant, that in the long run there was a numbered post per day. At any given moment I may have been one, two, seldom more, days behind my schedule. Normally I caught up within a few days, sometimes posting more than one entry per day.

I was never ahead of schedule. The reason was, that I posted images taken on the day that the post represented. This was a hard rule that I broke every once in a while, normally because I had no time, weather was bad or I found any other excuse. On such days I resurfaced something from the archives. It did not happen too often though.

In later years I found my self-imposed rule to “post only images taken on the day of the post” both wasteful and stressful. It wasted a lot of good images taken on vacation. Sometimes I have 30 a day for more than a week, and you can’t post 30 in a day. It was also stressful, because I couldn’t compensate for weak days with plentiful ones.

In a way the stress was healthy, but after I had demonstrated to myself and the world, that I can take images on a daily schedule for years, the challenge grew old.

Today I take pictures when it applies (mostly on vacations and excursions), and then I use them as material for my daily posts.

My productivity is still more than sufficient. At the start of August 2018 I was posting images from about a year past.

I live in Austria. That’s at the heart of Europe, the home of Mozart, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Adolf Hitler, the best skiing nation in the world and the worst in soccer, rich in culture, dramatic in landscapes, timid in politics. It’s a small, rich and beautiful country, Vienna being its capital. Vienna is where I work during the week, programming computers, and Carinthia, the sunny south of Austria, a region of mountains and lakes, is where is spend my weekends. I was born in Carinthia, studied in Vienna and have been living there since 1984.

I began taking photographs in 2004, then using a five megapixel Kodak DX 7590 bridge camera. In May 2006 I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D200, and in November 2007 I upgraded to its successor, the D300, a camera that long fulfilled all my needs. I used a variety of lenses from Nikon, Sigma, Tokina, and sometimes I even used a Lensbaby.

For most of 2011 I used a Panasonic LX5, a small “compact” camera with relatively big sensor and a fast zoom. I was intrigued by its low weight and small size.

In December 2011 I bought a used Olympus E-P2, and during the next years I completely switched to Olympus and Micro Four Thirds. It turned out to be an ideal compromise between quality/flexibility and size/weight.

Artistically I am mostly interested in results, not in process, thus I have no inhibitions at all to use Photoshop. I am an artist, not a journalist. You may catch me twisting and bending things, conjuring them up or making them vanish. You will have a hard time characterizing my “style”. At least it cannot be defined in terms of process. This is a feature 🙂

And now I don’t want to keep you any longer from enjoying the pictures.