19 - One Above the Other

Sometimes even ultra-wide is barely wie enough. In the meantime you may know my fancy for weird angles, but this image was taken the way it was taken out of necessity.

This is a medieval cult room of the Order of the Templars. It lies below the courtyard of a castle and receives light through an opening in the ceiling. Directly below is a small pool collecting rain. The room is dark and has an apsis with an altar at its rear.

The atmosphere of the room cannot be properly acknowledged without seeing lighthole, pool and altar all at once. It took 10mm, a weird angle and Photoshop trickery and deceit to get the ingredients into the picture and properly distribute the tones.

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Ted Byrne   (2006-11-11)

Does, or did, the rain pool have a function? This is a perfect half to an eerie illio... you should let your imagination sing to the music of this image, and capture the song in words. Terrific work.


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