28 - Rising Flames

Four weeks now, what a time. Actually I don’t know if anyone reads all that, and if, how many people, but the main benefit of this blog, at least at the moment, is mine. It kind of forces me into a rigor and discipline that help me keep a certain level of creativity. That alone is a good thing, because productivity and creativity go hand in hand, support one another.

Today is Friday, traveling day, and many a week this means no photos, especially now that it is already dark and cold when I arrive in Carinthia. As last week this is an image from the archives, to be precise, it’s from October, 10th. That day I was on my way home through Lerchenfelderstraße, when I found an asian flower shop having some nice motives on display. You will most probably see one more of them the next weeks.

The image is not arranged in any way and I have not done much in Photoshop either. It was taken with the Nikon 18-200 at 82mm/f13.