34 - Lessons and Expenditures

Two important things have happened today. First, I have tried to follow Ken Rockwell’s advice. Basically he tells you to use auto-ISO and program automatic mode. Well, I could not be convinced of the latter, but on a gloomy day with low light - we had fog all day - auto-ISO comes quite handy. It is simply a different way of shooting. You don’t worry about exposure, you don’t worry about noise, you shoot. That’s it. If a shot gets too noisy, chances are, that otherwise you wouldn’t have taken it anyway. I guess I’ll stick to it for a while.

The other thing is, of course, that I got what you see 🙂

The question was, whether to spend USD 320 in four weeks to get the new thing, or to buy the old thing for USD 190 today (prices in Austria, don’t ask). A no-brainer, if you ask me, more so because in my eyes the Lensbaby is a creativity and exploration tool. The recently announced Lensbaby 3G is this not any more. It’s a different beast altogether. At the moment I really don’t see me using it with the tripod or in the studio. If I ever do, I can always shell out the money and get me a 3G. Or maybe 4G by then.

This is a glass of water in front of my backlit keyboard.