54 - In the Beginning

I had much time today and I decided to drive to interesting and photogenic places.

I was so wrong.

OK, I had bad luck with the weather, because wherever I was, the sun was not. That alone would not have been the problem, but increasingly I seemed to attract rain. Actually, I should have known from experience, that good images don’t come to be because I drive hundreds of kilometers at high speed. They come from relaxed observation of a certain place, in fact of any place. Sure, great light helps, and so do unique meteorologic phenomena, but that’s only the beginning. From there on the photographer takes over, that’s the justification for calling what we do art.

What was the net gain of driving through the whole of Carinthia for six hours? An Image of the Day that was shot in the first 20 minutes maybe six kilometers from home. All the rest are typical vacation shots, uninspired, obviously taken in a hurry. I should have known. Really.