73 - A Change of Perspective

This is from yesterday’s afternoon session. I was out in the vicinity for some foggy landscapes. On my way home I found this wonderfully lit tree, about halfway between Velden and Augsdorf. It was a bit awkward, because in order to avoid including the fence, I had to shoot slightly upward. With the ultra-wide this gave me the intended perspective on the tree, but the pieces of fence at the bottom were awkwardly distorted.

Using the vertical perspective slider in Photoshop’s lens correction filter would cut away too much of the tree, thus what I did was a two-layer approach. First I did color correction and cloning away of some distracting details at the edges. Then I duplicated this layer and ran the lens correction filter on the duplicate. With a mask I restricted the corrected image to the bottom part. Luckily the image lends itself easily to such manipulations. I really like the result.

The other new thing (and the reason for me posting yesterday’s entry so late) is, that I have registered with the forum at Lensbabies.com. There is quite some traffic, but detailed critiques are scarce. I guess there is only one Radiant Vista after all. Anyway, at the Radiant Vista was no traffic and I thought, a change of perspective is always a good idea.