103 - Le sacre d'hiver

After a discussion with Roland VΓΆgtli about my recent image 83 - Dancing in Blindness I decided to come back to those “dancers” and see what has become of them. I did and found them in the frenzy of dancing the Rites of Winter! What a surprise πŸ™‚

This is one of the images I wanted to throw away at first. Not sure if you know the effect, but when you press the Lensbaby too much, you get a blurry spot where the sweetspot should be, surrounded by a circular, swirling distortion. That’s what happened here, and it is one of the rare cases when I like it. It is what keeps the dancer in the center in motion.

Ryszard Kapu?ci?ski has died in Warsaw. It already happened on Tuesday, but I think I should mention it. He has written, among others, some fantastic books about Africa. If you haven’t read anything by him, give them a try.

As for a story of the day, I think this one about a Cambodian woman who tries to rescue children from sex slavery applies. Honestly, if this is good news, then the world has come pretty far.

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John DeMott   (2007-01-25)

Andreas, what sort of species are we that we can produce something like the story from Cambodia--a five-year old sold into slavery by her parents for $100? We find beauty all around us, as you do with your photography, and then....

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andreas   (2007-01-25)

John, I think it all comes down to our ability to remember. We remember the good and the beautiful, but more so we remember the cruel things that we've seen and that have happened to us. To some, never anything good has happened. Some of us can cope with these memories, some break, and if they do, all sorts of things can happen, even those that we would not want to believe possible.

This is not an excuse. We all can make choices and we have to do so, but for some, making the right choices is incredibly much harder than for most of us. It is a strange world.

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