104 - Shivering Under a Bridge

It’s late or rather early, so I’ll keep this short. In the evening I took the underground to “Donaukanal”. I wanted to take some photographs under bridges. Hmm … should I ever need graffiti again, I know where to go!

I took some bracketed exposures and developed them as HDR, but nothing turned out particularly exciting. So here is a single exposure taken with the Nikon 18-200 at 112 mm, f11 and 80 seconds. I would have taken more but for the cold. Well, fine, tomorrow it’s off to Carinthia, and there is even snow 🙂

If you are a smoker like I was until one and a half years ago, look at this. Why does it remind me of lobotomy? I mean, would you let them tinker with your brain? I certainly wouldn’t!

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Ted Byrne   (2007-01-27)

In a lot of ways I want to "ditto" my remarks about #105 here. But your use of an HDR-like effect and I imagine some dramatic blending modes, has really brought a line graphic punch to this. I find it unsettling. Now that's not a bad thing. When an artist causes a viewer to think about what he's feeling about an image... that's powerful. This image is a sort of thought-grenade... you pull the pin and then start counting downward until you can evaluate the reaction fully. I am still counting...


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