108 - Rainy Night in Vienna

I took this shot in the evening, just after having left work. I stood in front of the post office in Museumsstraße, facing south. It did not rain for some minutes, the lights reflected nicely and people passed by. The image, taken with the Nikon 18-200 at 200mm, is unaltered, just from out of the camera.

Yesterday I presented a link to an article about what to expect from Windows Vista. So, if Vista is not the cure for the security problems that have plagued Windows for all those years, what is it then?

I like to think about it this way:

It is a perfect vehicle to sell new hardware. It is the same as with Windows XP, but more forceful now. It looks different, admittedly better, you can’t do anything you could not do before, but it needs much more powerful hardware.

Unfortunately it’s not only that. It has DRM (the industry says “Digital Rights Management”, we say “Digital Restriction Management” or “Defective by Design”) built into its core. This is the very technology that the content mafia will use to force you to buy the same things all over again, but this time not to own them, no, only to have the right to view or hear the content according to their rules.

For a thorough discussion of DRM and its consequences also have a look at the Wikipedia article. DRM proponents would say it’s biased as well, but, what the heck, you get their point of view shoven down by their own propaganda all the time.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-02-01)

This is one of the best in a series of "best" images. I cannot believe you previsualized this color palette. It sizzles. And the shimmering wet platinums in the hilights are powerful counterpoints to the black blotches and golden glows that smear elegantly behind the shadows. You have created an impressionistic piece out of precisionism... My that is hard. And the tense left to right lines pull me up and up to the headless figures. Night can be so mysterious, you've exploited that ther... but I return to the palette. It rocks.

Thanks for sharing...


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andreas   (2007-02-01)

You cannot believe it, I didn't 🙂

Basically, while I had to wait a minute or two, I tried to get an image of a person just entering or leaving the frame. I saw the potential of the colors, but, even if I had been in it for the colors, it would have taken more time for studying the pattern of the changes than I had for all four or five shots.

So, the whole image just happened and I was lucky. Only seeing the images at home gave me the realization, that the unbidden for image "in the middle", the accident, was better than the others. The others were framed the obvious way, the feet of a person on the left upper side, all the rest reflections of street lights and car lights on the wet pavement, making the whole very "rule-of-thirds".

And then there was this one, with the bicyclist bold in the middle, merging with a second person. Not what I had envisioned, but much more mysterious.

Thanks for your comments. You know what they mean to me.

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