80 - Quake in a Gorgeous Gorge

The quickest way from where we live down into the valley, especially when you want to drive via “Sankt Jakob im Rosental”, is down from Franzendorf to Selkach and there over the small bridge. The road between Franzendorf and Selkach begins narrow, but as soon as you get into the forest, it becomes curvy and steep as well.

I have driven this road maybe 20, 30 times a year for more than 20 years, but it never occurred to me that the gorge at the left side of the street could be a good place for taking photographs. Well, it is 🙂

Today, in order to fill the urgent need for an Image of the Day, I parked the car not far after entering the forest and climbed down. It is not exactly dangerous when you are careful, but it was quite exciting nevertheless. While I was down there I felt something and had the impression of a “bump” as well, and, sure enough, seconds later I got a call from home, inquiring if everything was OK and if I had felt the quake.

This was the second earthquake that I have witnessed in my life, the first one having been the catastrophe in Gemona, Italy in 1976. This time of course it was completely harmless. Still, when you are down in a narrow gorge between all those boulders, it is a little intimidating.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-01-02)

A quake huh? No wonder the water was running too fast to capture at your aperture speed! I just can't figure out why only the water is blurry. That's a miracle!
Actually it is magically captured composition. You have developed a tight discipline for arranging elements powerfully within your lens.

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