83 - Dancing in Blindness

"And for their pride they were damned to dance in blindness, forever and ever”.

Or at least until the gardeners in spring remove those sacks and let the roses bloom again 🙂

I shot this image at noon (what a fair weather, what a nice noon-time atmosphere!) in Volksgarten, one of the more beautiful baroque rose gardens in Vienna, just opposite the Parliament. I used the Nikon 50/1.8 wide open.

The other thing is, that I have opened an account at photo.net, uploaded the image from 74 - Out of the Fog and given three critiques there. It’s amazing how fast-moving that community is. I got 20 ratings in the first hour, my image was for maybe that time on page one of the top-rated photos, and now it is already at page three or four, that means quick exposure, early oblivion. Anyway, I have always liked photo.net for the incredible quality of so much of the work there, and simply wanted to be a part of it.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-01-10)

Brilliant on every level. My favorite is the surreal aspects of this. Why izzit that surreal photography is generally done in monochrome, involves collage, and needs either window reflections or mist? Okay, there are exceptions, but get these suckers into one image and BIG! Surreal! Right?
And here you have this challenging intellectual disconnect rendered tack sharp in full color... without an iota of fog. Why... this is photographically seditious!

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