86 - Probing Deeper

Same as yesterday, I was back in the gorge. It was an easy calculation:

We live on about 660 meters. The valley ground is at probably 400 meters. The photos from yesterday were made at maybe 520 meters. The terrain is steep. Go figure. There must be waterfalls!

Sure enough there were, and when you go in at the right places, the gorge is even quite accessible.

Time to go to bed now, but let me first add an administrative note: I may not be able to post an Image of the Day for one, probably two days. So, don’t worry, I won’t be dead 🙂

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Ted Byrne   (2007-01-10)

gThis is one in a series of water pictures which seems to have a common problem. Your water seems to be always out of focus. That is a simple error to overcome. All you have to do is open up the lens a bit, or dial in a higher ISO.

Okay... just kidding. But, believe it or not, I once proudly displayed an image to someone that was only a hiar as strong as your series here. And I got that lecture on shutter speeds. Sigh...

Nice work.


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