88 - Only Late

This image is no substitute. It is genuinely from Tuesday, only late. I was busy all day, but at least in the morning I found some time to shoot the sunrise.

Sunrises and sundowns are particularly hard to shoot. Well, not to shoot, but to get right. They have so much contrast, that no image, film or digital, can ever show the full dynamic range. Actually that’s even a good thing, because there is no reproduction device that could show the full range either. Thus all these images are compromises and have to be.

Lately I experiment with high dynamic range (HDR) images. Take for example this one. It is made from an HDR merge of five exposures. From the resulting 32 bit file I have made two 16 bit layers, one for the sky, one for everything else, and combined them with a mask. The foreground got some color correction and saturation boost as well. Pretty tedious if you ask me, but I like the result.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-01-15)

What I like, beyond the composition and light play... is that your HDR technique did not despoil the "natural" sense of color range. Too often these things result in odd color shifts which go off particularly to the blue/green spectrum - creating hues that mimic a video game. Apparently you've found a good recepie... Keep at it.


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