90 - Welcome to the Ministry of Justice

Really. That’s how it looks like. Austria’s MiniJust is located in Vienna’s Museumsstraße, a part of the western semi-circular street commonly called “2er Linie” (Line #2) after the tramway line that was there before underground line U2 was built. Today it is a four-lane street with enormous traffic.

It is funny. Ask someone in Vienna for “2er Linie” and they all still know. On the other hand people many people don’t know the real names of this street. Names? Yes, this is a street that changes its name every 500 meters or so. It begins as “Landesgerichtsstraße” (after the Court of Justice and prison), goes on as “Auerspergstraße” (after the palace Palais Auersperg located there), “Museumsstraße” (after the museums) and as “Getreidemarkt” (corn market) it finally ends at “Karlsplatz”.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-01-15)

I must be missing something here. Your text alludes to an image which shows. how Autria's MiniJust looks. Yet the image is of a grating against muted pastel lights. It appears to be a disconnect. Help!

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andreas   (2007-01-15)

The muted pastel lights, that's the ministry. The grating in focus is of the playground in front of it. Hmm ... probably not very obvious, but I liked the notion of Justice being behind the bars 🙂

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