92 - Jazz is Paris, Paris is Jazz

Don’t ask me why, when I see this image, I think of the stellar 1994 Malcolm McLaren concept album “Paris”. I own the single CD that was released in Europe, not the American double CD, so I can’t comment on the instrumental versions. Some critics don’t seem to like it, but I declare it one of the best albums ever released, hymnical, erotic, dripping emotion. Actually, not only do I think of it, I’m hearing it right now and it is pure bliss.

This is to Malcolm, Catherine Deneuve, Francoise Hardy, Amina and all the musicians who made this incredibly great album.

Photographically this day was a bit thin. I bought a laptop, tried to rescue some camera buyers from a seller who had no clue at all, and by the time I got back to the car it was already so late, that I decided to buy some orange lilies and use my under-used macro. So I did late at night, and while some of the images actually looked very good the way they came out of the camera, I fooled around with one of them, partially inverted the colors and found that I liked it.

Jazz is Paris, Paris is Jazz