112 - Discomfort

You may wonder why there was no image of Friday. Well, during the whole day I had no time for shooting, and when I arrived in Carinthia, the whole snow covered valley was bathed in moonlight. The usual question “macro or night shot?” was quickly answered an favour of “night shot”.

Goodness, is that tedious!

Basically the routine is: setting ISO to 3200, making a shot with 15 seconds exposure, checking on the LCD, recomposing, making another shot, checking, and so on, until I get a decent result. Then I set ISO back to 100, expose for 10 minutes, wait for noise reduction to finish, and ready I am for the next shot.

I did two such exposures, much to the annoyance of my family, and when I finally saw them on screen (the shots, not my family), I was annoyed as well. Certainly nothing even remotely usable for an Image of the Day!

I have pondered and pondered about these two images, whether to use them anyway or not, and in the end (now being Saturday night) came too the conclusion that I will stick to my wont so far, and release an image made on another day.

OK, so this one is not from Friday, it is from Thursday morning.

This is no positive image. Well, in reality its subject is innocuous enough. It shows rails of the Viennese tramway line 49 in Siebensterngasse, but in my mind those rails lead to a terrible place.

It is something in the way my view is restricted, not only to the front, no, to the sides as well. It is the view of those who don’t dare to raise their heads for fear of reprisals, it is the view of those who are led before their slaughterer. It smells like concentration camp, like the triumph of steel over flesh, like the breakdown of humanity in the clash of ideologies. I don’t like it.

No story for Friday.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-02-04)

Yipes! Given your grim mood re. this image I am sort of uncomfortable telling you how much I like it. The colors work, the forms work, the composition works, and the texture is terrific.

The image does not convey to me the emotion you feel. I cannot decide if that is a weakness or not.


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andreas   (2007-02-04)

Must be a loose association of mine. I've asked only one other person and she doesn't share it either. She said, she wouldn't fear the rails, she would fear the gate. You know, this predominant image of Auschwitz, the gate with the label "Arbeit macht frei" on top. Funnily enough, it was exactly this image that I associated in the first place, only not the gate but the rails that run through it.

Well, if I had the intention to express my association, then it is certainly a weakness. Did I? Not exactly. I was not even sure if I should impart my feelings about the image at all. But having done so, probably makes me guilty 🙂

Glad you like it. As an image I like it as well. At least much better than my two night shots.

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