115 - Is Hell Finite?

Seems as if, but there may be temporal dimension to consider 🙂

This is a set of portable parking-forbidden signs like they get used along building sites, one for the beginning of the zone, one for the end. I saw them standing side by side and could not resist. This is shot with the Nikon 50/1.8 at f1.8 and ISO 1600 in low light without flash. I have corrected the strong yellow cast of the original in the signs only.

HELSINGIN SANOMAT has the Story of the Day. The cooperation with Microsoft may be a big step forward for Finnish game studio Remedy, but it is a sad sign of how Microsoft fragments the market by using games to push their hardware/software. In this case you will need Windows Vista or an Xbox 360 to play the game “Alan Wake”. For technical reasons? Of course not. By the time the game comes out, the Xbox 360 will be quite obsolete compared to a then current PC, and Windows Vista is probably the most unneeded piece of software ever. It is contracts like this that only begin to create a necessity for changing to Vista.

Ugly Microsoft only? Nay! I remember having played a fantastic fantasy game sometime, “Summoner”, a game with a good story and a rich world to explore. I really enjoyed it and was thrilled to find out that there would be a sequel. Guess what? Sony Playstation exclusive! Isn’t that a fine way to alienate your customers?

Games only? Of course not. Think of the format war between Blue Ray and HD-DVD. The major film studios each rally behind one of these competing “standards”. Goodness, how I am sick of being forced to buy a certain hardware to enjoy certain content.

Hell may not be finite after all.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-02-06)

Okay... like the image... but... like the thoughts more. Now... why not an image that speaks the thoughts? Why not an image that pours commercial logos over kids watching sports? A square peg/round hole marked by competitive machinery? Why not a plug that won't fit a socket? Why not a sign that points in the wrong direction? You have the eye. You have the craft... You have the ideas... Um... time to make a stew...

But.. I still like this image, regardless of my hissy fit.... Especially since the message on the signs is clear to me as... as.. a window painted black. I'm not even certain what the language is... much less its message.AAARGH!!!

Thanks for sharing...


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andreas   (2007-02-06)

It's German. "Anfang" means "beginning", "Ende" means "end". Alpha and Omega, Genesis and Apocalypse, and all together in one place 🙂

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Ted Byrne   (2007-02-07)

Damn! They do bring your comments together. Nice work. And you have just pointed out a BIG problem that we visual artists will increasingly face in this shrinking world. How to incorporate language so it reduces rather than feeds ambiguity.... [URL="http://http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?p=2659587#post2659587"]http://Click here to see an example of what I mean.[/URL]

Um... in case that html coding didn't work... here's the URL:

Once again in the link I've included here, signeage-language feeds rather than resolves some ambiguity.


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