141 - Memories of Summer

This is of course an archive image. After the party yesterday I have come to Carinthia early this afternoon and have not taken any images since. Well, at least nothing worthwhile. Some images of the lunar eclipse tonight, but I won’t show them here. I have no proper equipment and I guess there will be plenty of them around. It’s still very impressive though, to see when the moon turns red.

This image was shot on July, 13th. It was an incredibly hot day and the walls of Vienna’s Justizpalast (Palace of Justice) were baking in the sun.

The Song of the Day is unquestionably Cole Porter’s “Too Darn Hot”, but performed by whom? Well, of all the versions I know, I probably give the edge to Holly Cole’s from her standards album “Shade”.

Tomorrow I hope to be back with something current. We plan to make the trip to Koper that we had to postpone last week. This time the weather seems to be just right. We’ll see 🙂

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Ted Byrne   (2007-03-05)

This is so wierd. I wrote a comment to this image earlier, yet it is not here. AAARGH! If I failed to save it... it is gone forever. Hmmmm... Let me try to recreate.

I think that you should call this image, "Railing Against The Heat."

Since in English that makes it an almost perfect double pun, or double entendre. Rail is both a verb and a noun --- um, but you probably know that and I am caught explaining the joke, eh?

Don't you hate people who have to explain jokes? Especially someone else's? Sorry...

Like this image a lot, BTW. I tried a similar capture some time ago on my own blogsite, but not with the candor of this.

Thanks for sharing

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