143 - In a Country Church

Goodness, it’s late! I’m back to Vienna and have spent hours preparing images and yesterday’s entry. Let’s keep it brief now.

This is the parish church of Rosegg in Carinthia. Light was mediocre today and, as I had to catch a train, I had no time to wait for sunset, thus I decided to make an interior shot. Quite challenging contrasts 🙂

Do you like Chris De Burgh? I guess he’s not everyone’s taste, but when I was a teenager, he was very popular, and out of sentiment I seem to have most of his records 🙂

In A Country Churchyard” from his album “At The End Of A Perfect Day” is the Song of the Day.

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John DeMott   (2007-03-06)

This shot evokes some memories for me. Several years ago, our family visited Austria as guests of a wonderful Austrian family. Our hosts were great lovers of Austrian churches, particulary the country churches, and so we visited many of them. Of course, each church is unique, but you have captured much of the feeling that one experiences visiting churches in the small villages throughout the countryside. Having seen some of those churches, you have done a wonderful job with the contrast and lighting in what I imagine was probably a challenging lighting situation.

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