150 - Uncool Shadows

Oh my! The decimal system takes its toll, we have arrived at another semi-round number 🙂

Photographically this was quite a good day. I’ve uploaded seven images to Smugmug, all of them at least approaching what I expect of an Image of the Day. I finally settled with this one, I can’t even tell what exactly makes its appeal to me. It is something with this business guy, all self-conscious, controlled, acting cool, and at the same time oblivious to being mocked by his ridiculous shadow.

The Song of the Day is from Robbie Williams’s masterpiece “Swing When You’re Winning”, it’s called “Me and My Shadow”. No wonder he has a crisis. What more can you expect from life than being hailed in Royal Albert Hall?

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Ted Byrne   (2007-03-15)

How has it come to pass that sneakers shod the world? Or a whole bunch of it? Hmmmm…. A better question: How is it that there are still feet not sneaker clad?

The things are ubber-designed by ergo-gnomes gone mad. Over the past thirty years the manufacturers have competed to fashion full-functional foot containment systems. Now major breakthroughs involve the teeniest micro addition which research shows will cushion here or there… enhance mobility in some little spot… or increase functionality with a new material or lacing. We are walking in the most comfortable foot cocoons in the history of history.

And so you show your biz-guy sneakering along a street in his suit! Will he change from those shoes when they hit the floor of his office? Can they prowl the carpets of the executive suites? Will he dare wear them to the formal ball? And if he cannot do any of those things now… how long until he will? There’s an evolutionary… NO! REVOLUTIONARY... change going on and you’ve captured it here.

Designers understand that form follows function. Except for shoe design. That is shoes, other than sneakers. The function, for example of nose-bleed spike heels is not walking. Okay, but with the exceptions of shoes-for-sex, what else will retard the eventual conquest of the world’s feet by sneakers?

The thing is that the guy you’ve caught in your wonderful image might be looking a tad silly, but he also is walking happy. In his sneakers… which soon will rule the world. Right?

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