154 - The Triumph of Parliamentarism

Hmm … Art was yesterday, today’s boring holiday shots 🙂

No, honestly, I have nothing more for today than a pompous title. This is the roof of Austria’s parliament, and in the background you see Burgtheater, one of the most important theaters of the German-speaking world. I took the shot from the roof terrace of the newly renovated “Palace of Justice”. There’s a restaurant and quite a view.

The Song of the Day is “In the Heart of the City” by Willy DeVille from his 1985 Mink DeVille album “Sportin’ Life” (for a sound sample see here). What a cover image that is!

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Ted Byrne   (2007-03-17)

I wonder in which direction causation flows? Are the great institutions of humans cacooned in pompously grand edifices as a symptom of their worth? Or is their worth no deeper than the grand edifices which they erect? Do governments in particular suffer from an inferiority complex that is visciated by contrived grandeur... or is the grandeur a real emanation of their value?
Even small towns seem to build mighty courthouses, as if their respect would evaporate were it not encased and held prisoner inside mighty marble walls.
Ah well, you raise the question wonderfully in this image. Thanks Andreas...


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