158 - Things as They Really Are

Meteorology after all seems to be science. At least they managed to predict correctly that a huge spiral of clouds would precipitate all over Austria. Oh well, there are large amounts of snow in Carinthia, it’s only rainy and cold here in Vienna.

Anyway, this is always a good reason to look out for colors and so I did. This is part of the façade of an esoterics shop in Neubaugasse. I took the image on my way home from under the umbrella.

The Song of the Day is Irving Berlin’s “I Used To Be Color Blind”. If I’d be forced to choose but one interpretation of this song, I would certainly pick Anita O’Day and her 1956 album “Pick Yourself Up with Anita O’Day”.

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David H.   (2007-03-23)

I enjoy your blog and your photos. Also like the writing that accompanies them. Nice way to set up a blog.
And, of course, the fact that you are in such a beautiful part of the world just adds to it.

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andreas   (2007-03-23)

Thanks David. Though I wouldn't question that Austria is a beautiful part of the world, a big part of my photography is about the beauty that is everywhere and about the fact that it doesn't matter where you are. If you can't find any beauty where you are, then you won't find beauty anywhere.

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