161 - Shades of Yellow

This is another image from Thursday, because I haven’t taken any images yesterday and I am still one day behind with my blog. It’s interesting to what amount having the flu drains one’s energy. It’s a little bit better now, I have even taken an image that I intend to post later 🙂

On Thursday I used the Sigma 150/2.8 macro. As I’ve written before, this is an awkward lens when used for general photography. You have to think different, lookout for smaller details or look further away. This is challenging, and of course that’s what makes for the fun.

I took this image, because I saw a big blotch of yellow, chaotic, boxes and containers stacked atop each other in an impossible design, tower-of-babylon-like. All shots from that day (just like the flowers in the last entry) were made with Auto-ISO set to 1/100s minimum speed and 1600 maximum ISO. That’s something I seem to be able to hold quite regularly.

The Song of the Day, as could have been expected, is Donovan’s “Mellow Yellow”, e.g. from his Greatest Hits Album.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-03-25)

Again, your sly eye for color can find a way to pique interest in what I'd have so easily passed. The geometry here, puunctuated by both lines to tug my eyes, and a blob of red plunked tensely to seem to be the point, and yet, it's not.

Nope, the point seems to be the way you have created an image which has the look of a child's toy. It seems innocent, yet raucus all at once.


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