162 - Sweethearts Together

I’ve threatened to upload another image, here it is, this one taken today.

I’ve seen these lights a thousand times. I’ve seen them in conjunction with this old portrait of people who were in love eighty or ninety years ago and are long dead, but it never occurred to me that these are hearts, a circle of hearts.

Do we die? Does love die? The Song of the Day, in celebration of an old love, is “Sweethearts Together” from one of the best albums the Rolling Stones have ever made, the fabulous “Voodoo Lounge”.

Well, now having my duty fulfilled, I guess it’s time to go back to bed. Have a nice day 🙂

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Ted Byrne   (2007-03-25)

DON'T.... Don't explain what you've done here. Sometimes we want the magician to leave us agape. Rather let us feel the sweet mood that the charming swirl of this touchingly romantic image evokes.

I think it's the motion which simultaneously happens here while the thing's so still. I'd say that this feels like a golden still from a motion picture... but... no... it is a moment IN motion. I can sense a lifetime ... no two lifetimes that came before and a chain which will come from here.

Often I wonder if there can be cinematic quality to still photograp;hy... Andre... this Image proves it. I particularly lie the tension of the cropping and the tampering with symmetry. It is masterful

Okay... I shall stop before this becomes a book... Suffice it to say that this is one of my very favorites of all of your images.

Thanks for sharing

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ian_mac   (2007-03-26)

Oops, here is the book! I don,t normally comment on photos or what someone else says about them. In case it matters, i came to this blog and Ted's via 'the Radiant Vista' which i just 'joined'. Perhaps it was Ted's thoughful post there on critiques that put me in this frame of mind? I haven't gone through very much of either of your blog's though, so please forgive me if what i have to say has already been beaten to death.
I, too, really, really like this image. For me it is about the imperfect circle of life and death and joy and sadness. Very powerful.
But for me, I was happy to get some insight about this image. Maybe it is 'false' because i want to live vicariously through the photographer while i am captivated by this image? It may have a certain connection for me without this other connection but if i am greedy and needy then i want to have a connection with the photographer. I want to share my emotion with the person who inspired it. Reading Andreas' blog makes me feel that i have some sort of connection with him. I now have to see this photograph from the point of someone that is sick and perhaps alone. Wow, it really hits me emotionally now and my feeling for the image goes way-up. I can't control it, it just happens. Why did Andreas only 'see' this now? I don,t think that i would feel as intensly about this image if I knew that it had been orchestrated. I might then have a strong intellectual respect for the image (as i do now Ted for your 'construction' of your image of the 3 'houses') but my emotional response would be less. The initial positive reaction would be there but the deepening probably wouldn't happen. I also don't think that this image would have had the same effect on me if I was 25, if i hadn't been married and divorced, if my mother was still alive, etc.. but that is something different.

So, I think, some space for self- reflection by the viewer is good but I am normally happy to get some background from the artist afterwards perhaps especially when there is some element of serendipity involved.
BTW, I hope you get well soon Andreas and thank you both for your blogs and participation at RadiantVista.

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Emma   (2008-04-28)

It strikes right into the heart

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