169 - The Red Bench

Weather here in Carinthia is … sub-par. A drab sky, some drizzle all in a while, lovely. In cases like that you better photograph somewhere inside, and why not in a beautiful gothic church like Maria Saal? We already had this church in “29 - At the Church”. This time I took five images, no more. One from the outside, four from the inside, all of them HDR made from seven exposures bracketed with 1EV distance, all of them treated with Photomatix in a first step and lots of Photoshop layers afterwards. All images were taken with the Sigma 10-20 at 10mm, of course from the tripod.

What is the Song of the Day and why have I named this image after the bench? Could it have been the sinister sky that made me think of “The Mercy Seat”? Sure, we could have this from Johnny Cash from his “American III: Solitary Man” album, but that would do neither the song nor the image justice, no it must be the original, Nick Cave on “Tender Prey”.

Oh yes, did it look that way? Nope, not at all 🙂

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Ted Byrne   (2007-04-03)

There are so many elements here that resonate with me. The wide lens, the detail sharp enough to shave a beard, the muted palette, the dramatic sky... and all combine to create a mood that's just a hair spooky. It looks like an MRI capture from deep within M. Night Shyamalan's brain. But I think as I look at it, I'd go for a counterpunch song... Howzabout Elvis's, "You Caught Me Crying In The Chapel?"

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