170 - The Lone Candle

The weather should have been better today, but it was reckless and defied the forecast, which again called for interiors. Finding an empty church on Palm Sunday is not so easy, thus I decided to try my luck with Stift Griffen, a former monastery of the Premonstratensians, about 30km east of Klagenfurt. It has two churches, a cloister, and a big graveyard within the walls. Today it houses a museum dedicated to the Carinthia author Peter Handke, who was born near Griffen.

This image was taken in the older, smaller church. I saw the lone candle on the floor, just in front of a small step, and I decided to go very, very low. I used the Sigma 10-20 at 10mm. Again it is an HDR image made from seven exposures at 1EV distance, tone mapped with Photomatix and then post-processed in Photoshop.

The Song of the Day is not a song but an instrumental piece, “Who Will Rescue You?” from the fantastic 1996 Jazz album “The Carla Bley Big Band Goes to Church”. Very recommended, just as most of her work, no, all of it that I know 🙂

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Rob   (2007-04-02)

Very nice. I'd carry a camera all the time to except for the sad fact that here in suburban Indiana there's just nothing worth taking a picture of 90% of the time. *sigh*

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andreas   (2007-04-02)


frankly, this is an excuse. Go out and open your eyes.

Bad weather? Tough. Take an umbrella and make an image of the neon lights reflecting in the puddles.

Smog and heavy industry? Wow, that will color your sundowns and make interesting silhouettes.

Shops, shops and parking cars, nothing else? Pick a shiny car and see how the colors of the shops get reflected, see how distorted the reflections are!

Run-down industrial area? Good. Rusty metal is better than shiny, peeling color is attractive and makes interesting patterns. Go near and watch out for the lone flower!

Look for patterns of light and shadow. Make a habit of taking pictures in the morning and in the late afternoon, because strong sidelight makes fantastic patterns of light and shadow.

Look for color, especially isolated patches of color within areas of opposing colors. Accents of red within green, yellow/orange within blue, etc. It does not matter what the colored object is. Color alone is a reason to take an image.

Forget the notion of "motif". Everything is a motif when you decide it is. The subject of your image is what you make subject of your image. If it's an attractive piece of dung and somebody disagrees, so what? It's your image, you are the ultimate judge, nobody else can be.


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SUMMA POLITICO   (2007-04-03)

here are some links to handke material

SCRIPTMANIA PROJECT MAIN SITE: http://www.handke.scriptmania.com
and 12 sub-sites



http://www.kultur.at/lesen/index.htm [dem handke auf die schliche/ prosa]


http://www.artscritic.blogspot.com [some handke material, too, the milosevic controversy summarized]

http://summapolitico.blogspot.com [chiefly political]

michael roloff


"Sryde Lyde Myde Vorworde Vorhorde Vorborde" [von Alvensleben]

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